Prestige Billing


Prestige Billing Software is an innovative software product designed by our team of industry leading EMS healthcare reimbursement experts. At EMS Consultants, we understand the many challenges ambulance service providers experience in the reimbursement process. The new Prestige Billing Software is designed to improve efficiencies within the billing process and your billing department. Prestige Billing provides users with a simpler more straightforward presentation of claims. The improved invoice screen contains all pertinent patient, invoice details, charges, and payment information within one central location. Batch claims build claim files by payor for simpler submission to Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance.

General Features:

  • Easy access to screens through the Quick Button Features on the home screen
  • Integrates directly with EMS Consultants’ Prestige ePCR and earlier Automated Run Tracking Software
  • Multiple fee schedules can be configured for invoice purposes
  • Agency specific roles and permissions for users
  • Customized forms and defaults
  • 5010 Tested and Compliant
  • Over 50 standard stock reports with customized reporting also available