Prestige Software Product Line
Prestige EMS Software Suite is an innovative software product designed to exceed the needs of any size EMS provider. EMS Consultants understands that providing quality service to patients is the number one priority for EMS providers; thus, developing a user friendly application that will maximize your reimbursement was our goal.

Prestige ePCR
EMS Consultants’ Prestige ePCR Software System is comprised of three components: the host server which is the back-end database; the host application, a web based administrative application; and the remote application, which can be run on fully rugged laptop in the field.

Prestige Billing
Prestige Billing Software is an innovative software product designed by our team of industry leading EMS healthcare reimbursement experts. At EMS Consultants, we understand the many challenges ambulance service providers experience in the reimbursement process. The new Prestige Billing Software is designed to improve efficiencies within the billing process and your billing department.

Prestige CAD
Prestige CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) is a professional quality dispatching software designed for all medical transport companies. CAD provides a professional environment at the Communication Center to the Paramedic and Caller. It produces quality, easy-to-read reports for marketing, billing, and management.