Prestige ePCR


Intelligent Design

EMS Consultants’ Prestige ePCR Software System is comprised of three components: the host server which is the back-end database; the host application, a web based administrative application; and the remote application, which can be run on fully rugged laptop in the field. EMS personnel enter the patient care report data on the Prestige ePCR Remote application in the field on laptops or desktops located at the station. The trip data is automatically uploaded from the Remote to the Host server as soon as a secure connection is available. Administrators utilize the Host application to access the Host Server in order to view PCR data, generate statistical reports, setup agency information, report to the state, QA runs, and send to billing. The Host application is web-based and can be accessed from virtually anywhere you have a connection to the server.





Ease of Use

The Prestige ePCR Software System features automatic and customized narrative generation. Customized agency specific defaults eliminate duplicate entry so you only have to enter data a single time. This feature allows you to become more time efficient while simultaneously eliminating any unnecessary data entry. The software integrates with EMS Consultants’ Billing Software and by doing so storing patient information to include demographic, insurance and past medical history information for repetitive transports. We designed the user interface specifically for touch data entry to make the program more accessible by reducing the need for a keyboard.



General Features

  • NEMSIS Gold Compliant Software
  • Integrates directly with EMS Consultants’ Billing Software increasing reimbursement by eliminating duplicate entry
  • Cardiac Monitor Interface with Zoll (E-Series, M-Series, and X-Series) and Physio-Control Lifepak 12 and 15
  • Internal QA for administrators via PCR Memos
  • Secure Medical facility online access for PCR reports
  • Agency specific validations rules
  • Spell check feature
  • Capture electronic signatures
  • Customized forms and defaults
  • HIPAA secure data hosting available free of charge
  • Enhanced security features to include:
    • Access is controlled through user roles and permissions
    • All data transmissions are protected by a 128 bit encryption