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EMS Consultants has appealed more than $20 Million in assessed Medicare and Medicaid overpayments for our clients over the past two years. Of that amount, most of our clients have had to pay back less than 1%`, and the extrapolated amount has rarely been upheld. Since the facts and patients in each case are different, we cannot guarantee that this type of result will be typical of every case we take. However, our team of attorneys, former CMS officials, paramedics and physicians has more experience in handling EMS and Ambulance cases than any other consulting group in the country. The diversified members of our consulting team allow us to address overpayment cases from all angles: legal, regulatory, and medical. We know the system, we know the arguments, we have the experts, and we have the experience. We can help. To find out how, call us for your free initial consultation. And you don’t have to wait until you are audited, call us now for more information on how you can prepare your company in advance for the inevitable day when one of these auditors asks for your medical records. Call us at (800) 342-5460 or email to


When you call or email, ask for our free Guide to Preparing for and Responding to Audits. This guide will show you examples of the arguments that auditors make in denying claims and show you how to prepare to respond to these arguments.

We also offer a mock audit to show you where your weaknesses are and how to fix problem issues that may result in an overpayment assessment in the event of an audit. Call us to schedule a review of your company. Our summary findings and recommendations may be just the thing you need to prevent an overpayment assessment in the future.