Products and Services Offered



Medicare Compliance Review — Paper Level

We will review 50 random trip reports from your previous year’s transports. We also review the corresponding supporting documentation (including medical records and physician certification statements) and billing narrative screen shot.

We then provide you with a written report that includes our findings and suggestions for improvement on documentation, billing policy, and Medicare compliance and include any of our written policies and materials that may help train your crews and billing staff on Medicare issues.

  • Cost: $2,000.00


Medicare Compliance Review — In-House

We will visit your office for one day and assist with pulling a random sample of claims to review. In addition to the paper-level service outlined above, we will meet with your billing staff to discuss any issues we find or questions they have regarding Medicare coverage.

  • Cost: $2,500 plus expenses.


Full Business Review — Paper Level

In addition to the Medicare compliance paper-level review service outlined above, we will review all of your written policies, employee manual, billing protocols, HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule policies, documentation training materials, and contracts with hospitals or skilled nursing facilities. Our written report includes our findings and suggestions on Medicare compliance, as well as our findings and suggestions for HIPAA compliance, compliance with Federal contracting rules, and suggestions for revisions or modifications to you business practices, employee manual, and written policies and protocols. Also included is our written material on Medicare compliance, documentation training, employee handbooks, HIPAA Compliance or revised contract language.

  • Cost: $4,000


Full Business Review — In-House

With our in-house review you will receive all of the services outlined with our paper-level review, as well as an additional two day on-site visit to meet with you, your crews, and your administrative/billing staff. We will answer questions and share with you our findings, then walk you through our suggestions for improvement. Also included is a written summary of our findings and suggestions, as well as any written materials we have that will help you with training and compliance.

  • Cost: $6,000 plus expenses. If you are an EMS Consultant client (software) you will receive a 10% discount on this service.


Full Business Review with Compliance Plan and Training

This is our most complete business review and Medicare compliance service. In addition to the services outlined for our in-house business review, we remain on-site for an additional day (three days total). The first two days we will conduct the business review as set forth above. The third day will consist of documentation training classes for your crews, billing compliance training for your office staff, ompliance officer training for your Medicare compliance officer and HIPAA compliance officer, and implementation of compliance programs.

  • Cost: $10,000 plus expenses.



Save time and money with EMS Consultants business tools for your office.


DVD-CD Rom Education Series

Training employees is required and you don’t want to assume that the training they received before working for you was adequate. Make training easy with our DVD series videos on Documentation and HIPPA Privacy and Security. Each DVD contains helpful forms and materials on the subject covered and saves your office valuable time when training or re-training.



EMS Consultants provides yearly seminar series in order to keep you on top of changes and trends in EMS/Ambulance reimbursement and management.



Rick Tibbetts, Chris Kelly, and Steve Everett have a variety of topics to present at your meeting or events. Give us a call to discuss topics and times.


EMS and Ambulance Guide to Documentation and Billing

A comprehensive guide to billing and proper documentation. This billing guide includes common documentation, billing, audit and appeals issues, red flag rules, signature rules and many more reimbursement topics.