Billing Service Highlights

  • FREE Prestige ePCR software — Includes on-site training and software support.  By using our Prestige ePCR software, we can offer 100% integration into EMS Consultants’ Billing software.


  • FREE On-Site Documentation Training — Our team will provide training for your crews on the legal, financial, and medical importance of proper documentation.


  • Mutually Beneficial Business Partnership — By charging a percentage of month-end net collections, we have great incentive to collect the maximum allowed reimbursement.


  • FREE access to EMS Consultants’ E.A.B.P.S. website — Secure website for patients to log-in, view and update billing information and make credit card payments.


  • FREE assistance with Provider Enrollment for Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance — Our billing services will include complementary assistance with 855B completion and related enrollment forms.